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Computer question!

- in the market for a Mac and would appreciate any advise from those with experience in these matters.

I'm looking for a safer (ie non-virus magnet) avenue for opening a web-business. Have been very unhappy with the PC in that respect. I'll need to run basic office type stuff and some photo editing/art&painting type programs. I know windows is stronger in that area but it's all for naught if the operating system is eaten.

From what I can tell the Mac is only 20% likely to get a virus - where the PC is 80% likely to be infected.

Any info would be awesome-sauce.

O the places you'll go!

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My dream is to travel Ireland and the UK extensively.
someday........AFTER AUSTRALIA!!!! I've been wanting to go there since I can remember.

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no more DeviantArt 4 me!

Hi there! Sorry for the radio silence - I've been without internet access for awhile.
(I'm on a borrowed computer right now)
I got another rather nasty virus on DeviantArt again and had to have the computer completely wiped and of course I don't have the installation software to reload the MicroSoft Word and other operating programs.

Long story short - got it back today and all my files are gone. I do have a flashdrive backup I can't load to top it all off.

Hope to be back up an running again midweek. I've missed so much fandom stuff it's not even funny.
AbundantlyQueer has updated Two Two One Bravo Baker a bajillion times *whimper*

don't even get me started on Merlin and and and and well, everything.

Tea anyone?

Why is it that the unpleasant things in life always seems to converge on you at once.
I wager - at least for me - procrastination is a major factor.

School resumes next week. I'm fairly ready except for books. Not looking forward to that trip at all. I know tears will be involved at time of payment.
Did find a great 1980's text on anatomy and physiology at the thrift store. Very happy about that :D

Do list:
1) wash & gas up car
2) take said car for oil change
3) have autoshop smog said car
4) *cross fingers that is passes* and get tags

My room is pretty bad as I am a packrat. I've been working at it a little a time but am easily distracted.

Thank you internets and all the pretty things :D

Aug. 5th, 2011

I need to seriously find Sherlock and Inception icons tootsweet.

House-sitting for family next week :o)
and that will be MY vacation from life.

Lord have mercy, she's NOT ded.

Register for school (check)
Continue to stalk filled classes for availability (check)

Send out resume #1,037 (check)
Getting up everyday and getting dressed and going outside for at least 1hr. (check)
Finally figuring out I am not mad at God but at myself. (check and check)

Still have not been able to see HP-DH2.

Must not post after eating PopTarts. yes. yes. Not ever.

Deviant Art question

Has anyone had a problem with picking up computer viruses while using the Deviant Art website??????? I was on it last Fri and caught a virus I couldn't clean XD.
Hard-drive is now with the GeekSquad and hopefully there will be a happy ending and I will not lose all the *right-click&save* files I have.


zippy news

My nephew Arthur is 7 weeks old! and Mom has successfully recovered from surgery!!!!!

Start my new school semester tomorrow.
Basically will be stalking the classes that filled up before I could register :crosses fingers: I get in.

This year I would like to keep track of books I've read. HOWEVER. as one who reads a tremendous amount of PRON on the internet with grabby hands in her spare time something may have to change.....or at least be adjusted.

AHEM. we'll see.

Nov. 8th, 2010

It's a Cheshire Cat moon tonight. **warm fuzzies**

this too
Photobucket(pic courtesy of Dale McCready)

Somewhere in my head I hear Chandler Bing shouting Oh. MY. GOD.